Airport & Runway

The new capabilities of the Blastrac BMR-85D multitask rider with its shot blasting, scarifying and grinding attachments, and the completely self-contained 2-45DTM truck-mounted  shot blaster are offering the professional contractor more choices in how roads, bridges, airport runways and other large jobs are handled in the surface preparation stages.

Runway Surface Texturing

Airport runways and taxiways can benefit from shot blasting. This process improves the skid resistance of existing surfaces by enhancing or developing mega-texture, macro-texture, and micro-texture to promote smoother landings, improve drainage and reduce aquaplaning. These texture qualities also provide sufficient frictional properties to allow aircraft to maneuver safely throughout their landing and take-off speed range. Shot blasting can also prepare surfaces for application of life-extending coatings by leaving a clean, dry, profiled surface.

Line Stripe Removal

Line stripe or pavement marking removal requires the right equipment for the job. Scarifiers are by far the most common tool used for pavement marking removal.

Striping is also effectively removed using shot blasting, leaving the surface clean and dry, immediately ready for new striping. Systems are available for narrow markings or for removing striping up to four feet wide in a single pass. Shot blasters are used most often with concrete substrates where markings are long and the workload is extensive.

Rubber Removal

Shot blasting can be effective in removing tire rubber residue and other contaminants from airport runway touchdown points on both asphalt and concrete runways. In many cases, removing contaminants with shot blasting will improve the surface friction coefficient even compared to original values seen prior to contamination.