Our line of Diamatic planetary grinders and polishers offers the ultimate in surface preparation and polishing systems for concrete and cementicious terrazzo flooring surfaces. These new industrial-grade polishing and grinding machines feature laser-cut precision, European manufacturing quality, high-tech electronics, and floating shrouds in the complete weight and classes for all applications.

Diamatic machines have an excellent reputation and history for quality. Engineered and developed for improved efficiency, high productivity and achieving consistent results, our systems can be used with many tooling options for various applications in a wide range of markets. They operate virtually dust free when connected to the proper Diamatic dust collector providing healthier and safer work areas with less impact on the natural environment.

Diamatic delivers the features and benefits contractors have asked for to meet the demands of today’s surface preparation and decorative concrete markets. From surface prep to surface perfection, Diamatic offers the best reflection of quality.