Dust Collection


Diamatic Dust Collectors reduce airborne dust and particulate to provide a cleaner work environment, make surface preparation atmospheres more pleasant, and improve safety. A range of vacuums is available for hand tools, as well as Blastrac walk-behind and front-lead surface preparation equipment. These vacuums are system matched for best performance and increased job productivity.

Diamatic dust collectors are specifically designed for the rigors of commercial/contractor use, with powerful motors for increased air flow, heavy duty filters, and components that are protected from dust and debris for longer life. Particulate and dust created during surface preparation and repair jobs can be hazardous, and Blastrac dust collectors efficiently collect and contain these contaminants. Easily removable and transportable dust bins are added features. A cleaner work environment is safer and provides for increased productivity from operators as well as other workers in the same area.

  • Designed for commercial/contractor use
  • System matched for optimal efficiency
  • Powerful motors for increased air flow
  • Replaceable, heavy-duty filters
  • Components protected from dust and debris for longer life

With our line of heavy-duty vacuums, you can experience improved productivity and optimal performance from Blastrac surface preparation equipment in a healthier work environment.