BMG-780 RS




Grinding Width: 30 in. (762mm)
Tool Diameter: 9 in. (240mm)
Tooling Speed: 400-1200 RPM
Motor Speed: 580-1750 RPM
Motor: 23 hp max
Wheel Motors: 2 x 25kW
Amperage: 32/63 Voltage: 230/480V, 3ø, 60 Hz
Power Cord: 50 ft.
Dust Hose Connection: 3 in. (76mm)Ø
Dimensions: L 83 in. (2108mm) x W 31 in. 
(788mm) x H 49 in. (1244mm)
Weight: 1245 lbs (565kg)

The new BMG-780RS Remote Control Grinder is the ideal machine to prepare surfaces prior to new coatings, like removal of old coatings or adhesive residues, to smooth or flatten concrete slabs including curled expansion joints, or to just simply remove unsightly surface imperfections. For decorative concrete applications, it is an ideal system for polishing concrete to a high shine or restoring old slabs for newer architectural finishes. The floating shroud with brush skirt is an added feature for those types of processes.

The unit also comes standard with a weight kit for proper weight distribution during grinding and polishing. There is also a wheel kit for transport available that makes it easy to mobilize the machine.


  • Three head planetary design              
  • Separate drive system for main drum and 
    planetary disks
  • Heavy-duty, industrial machine 
  • Virtually dust free when connected to BDC-3140P
  • Remote control unit for operation of all controls
  • Remote control operation relieves operator fatigue
  • Increase production and consistency           
  • Adjustable weights for control of grinding pressure