Cougr Disks

Cougr Disks

Cougr® Abrasive Disks

4.5” #10 Grit  Part Number: 05-10749C

4.5” #16 Grit  Part Number: 05-10750C

7” #10 Grit     Part Number: 05-10705C

7” #16 Grit     Part Number: 05-10700C


Cougr® heavy-duty abrasive disks are ideal for removing soft coatings, mastics, urethanes, epoxies or paint. The 4.5 and 7 inch diameter disks have a rigid plastic base with a hard silicon-carbide abrasive coating. The rigid plastic back is designed not to require any backing pad. To ensure that you have the right grinder and abrasive disk for the job, be sure to consider:type of coating or contaminant to be removed, size of job in square feet, and power sources available on the job site.

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