1-8DEC shot blast system


Blasting Width: 9 in. (229mm)
Travel Speed: Manual
Production Capacity: 350 sq. ft./hr.
Motor: 3 hp
Voltage: 230 V, 1ø, 60 Hz
Amperage: 11.5 A
Power Cord: 50 ft. (15.24m)
Dust Hose Connection: 2 in. (50mm)
Dimensions: L 47 in. x W 12 in. x H 39 in.
(1193mm x 304mm x 990mm)
Weight: 181 lbs (82kg)

Specifications.pdf   Features and Benefits

The Blastrac 1-8DECMKI is an easy-to-use, versatile shot blast system designed for the entry level contractor, or for use as a complementary unit or edging unit for the medium or large contractor. An optional caster kit makes the system highly maneuverable and helps provide for a more consistent, even profile.

The Blastrac 1-8DECMKI is useful for residential garage floors, balconies, pool decks, tight areas around equipment and obstructions, and test patches. It is also used for concrete preparation prior to installation of wood flooring and is great for PVC decorative stenciling.



  • 9” blast pattern
  • Manual travel speed
  • Prepares 50 to 350 sq. ft./hr.
  • Runs on 230 volt, single phase power
  • Use for light to heavy removal


  • In corners, can clean to within 1½” of the front wall
  • Front casters make the system highly maneuverable and help provide for a more consistent, even profile; removable for edging
  • Operates in forward (push) direction
  • Lightweight unit is easy to handle and transport